Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 Silver Linings of an Obama Administration

1. When Oliver Stone makes his film about the Obama presidency ("O"), Will Smith will finally get his Oscar.

2. For the next four years, we get to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger pronounce "Oh-Baaaaaaaaah-Maaaah..."

3. This time, Maya Angelou will have to write an inaugural poem that's actually phenomenal.

4. Oprah's political payback for her support: Dr. Phil, Surgeon General of the United States.

5. The First Daughters. (Seriously, if you can't put politics aside long enough to admit those little girls are adorable beyond words, then you have issues, my friends.)

6. The thrill of watching MSNBC's Chris Matthews develop full-blown restless leg syndrome.

7. President Obama has been captured on video dancing as badly as I do, so all of the pressure is off. (Thanks, Ellen!)

8. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show now have to prove they can be as sharp and biting with Democrats as Stephen Colbert can be.

9. John Edwards can finally give that little girl her coat back.

10. Smart black children will no longer believe in quite the same way ever again that doing well in school is "acting white." (Seriously, if you can't put politics aside long enough to admit that this is a very good thing, well...)