Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Updates, Short Stuff, and Various Addenda

First, to the man in the Mini-Cooper who nearly ran over my dog (and me) the other night, it's called a turn signal. It's generally on a little lever that juts out from the steering column. Get to know it.

And with that out of the way...

A Blogging Homage really was an homage. The Bleat is one of the first websites I look at each morning. I think James Lileks is a brilliant if sometimes self-indulgent daddy blogger (and grocery blogger)—just like I someday hope to be. (I'm already working on the sympathetic Lileks hairline.) Of course, I'll know I've hit the big time once I've inspired the kind of repeated bile and "homages" in another blogger, like Udolpho, that James Lileks has. (Warning: Udolpho is rather, ah, colorful. A daddy blogger might even call him a "potty-mouth." Then again, Udolpho didn't like Serenity, which by itself gives me an uncomfortableness.)

Who am I kidding, though? At best, I can probably only hope to inspire something like Madeline's short-lived blog I Don't Hate James Lileks. And wow, do you see what she did? She says that she doesn't hate James Lileks, but she actually does, even though she says that she doesn't. And she clues us in on the joke without using a single emoticon. Now that's blogging!

Moving on, Haldo Longwidget sends frightening word that Bonekickers is getting a second season on the BBC. I'll admit, I am looking forward to the episode where "Dolly" Parton finally faces up to his drinking problem, then discovers that his rehab clinic is built over a tomb containing one of the limbs of William "Braveheart" Wallace. But when DNA tests reveal that this hero of Scotland was actually a Pakistani, Gillian Magwilde and her team rewrite the history books again! (Yes, I know Pakistan didn't exist in 1272 AD, but so do the writers of Bonekickers. And do you think actual history is going to stop them?)

As an editor of many textbooks, I'd also like to say that Gillian and her team would be a complete nightmare to work with:

"Stop the presses! We have to rewrite the history book!"

"But that's what you said last week! And the week before!"

I've actually worked with authors like this, unfortunately.

And with that out of the way...

To the man in the Mini-Cooper who nearly ran over my dog (and me) the other night, it's called a brake. It's that little footpad immediately to the left of the accelerator. Get to know it.

Because the most beautiful word in the English language is still puppy.