Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Job Opening: Restaurant Manager

Are you a restaurant manager who needs a job? Apply at the El Coyote.

After weeks of protests and demonstrations over her $100 donation to the "Yes on 8" campaign, Marjorie Christofferson has resigned as manager of that restaurant.

Welcome to our new California world of tolerance and diversity, where even a $100 donation in your capacity as a private citizen can now cost you your job. At least Scott Eckern donated $1,000, and Richard Raddon donated $1,500.

Incidentally, when "one of the guys died from AIDS, Marjorie paid for his mother to fly out for his funeral." I'm sure that plane ticket cost more than her $100 donation to the "Yes on 8" campaign. And I do realize that the value of the American dollar fluctuates. What I didn't realize was that a dollar given to the "Yes on 8" campaign was worth that much more than a dollar given to fly the grieving mother of an AIDS victim to her son's funeral.

This is the woman they target?

I've said before that I support gay marriage, and that I voted against Prop 8. But will the adults on our side please send these children to the corner for a time out?

Good luck to you, Marjorie. I don't agree with you on Prop 8, but in no way did you deserve any of this. And maybe someday, the people who did this to you will come to realize that as well.