Saturday, December 6, 2008

This Blog Is Only 43% Manly

Or at least, this blog is only 43% manly according to GenderAnalyzer, which uses "artificial intelligence to determine if a homepage is written by a man or a woman." It guesses that my blog is actually written by a woman (57% chance), but In My Copious Free Time is also "quite gender neutral."

Only 43% manly. Son of a...

I tell you, this will not stand. Sure, I'm not the tallest guy in the world. Sure, I don't have a particularly muscular build. Yes, I was a fencer rather than a football player, and I'm in touch with my "feminine" side. But this will not stand. Oh, no. It will not.

I have a beard, for crying out loud!

I have a big, rambunctious dog! Cats try to kill me! I've even voted for the Daddy Party!

Maybe I did spend too much time in junior high playing Dungeons & Dragons rather than working out. Maybe I did grow up with two older sisters and no brothers. But I simply will not take this by lying down and thinking of England. I'm going to turn this around.

So, let the "Man Blogging" begin!



Clint Eastwood!

Cool planes!

Captain Kirk!

Attractive women who fly cool planes!


Real football!

That chick who played Batgirl in the Sixties!

Cool ships!

Tim Gunn!

Okay, that one's gonna cost me...

Arnold Schwarzennegger!

Computer games my system is too old to play!

Satellite imagery of a North Korean runway emerging from a mountain!

Jennifer Lopez!



Unrealistic depictions of women in fantasy computer games!



A Two-Fer: Jessica Simpson in uniform! And in a straight-to-DVD movie!

An aging frat boy behaving badly!

Chuck Norris!

And finally, yes, me!

Take that GenderAnalyzer... You gender-confusing, girly-man/manly-girl site, you...

UPDATE: Somehow, this post has actually caused GenderAnalyzer to raise its estimation of my budding femininity. This blog is now only 40% manly.

Son of a (tim) gun(n)...