Sunday, January 4, 2009

Diversity Lane

Yesterday, while editing a seemingly endless environmental study full of poorly translated English and even more confusing math, I ran away to the blogosphere to clear my head. And that was when I discovered my new favorite cartoon, Zack Rawsthorne's Diversity Lane.

Not aware of Diversity Lane? It's a flat-out excellent addition to some already flat-out excellent political and social satire available on the Web:

Diversity Lane chronicles the chaotic lives of an American family fully engulfed in modern Liberalism. As such they are self-destructive, tormented & a menace to society—a kind of modern-day Addams Family in a never-ending battle with common sense.
And they're also very, very funny. Especially to someone like me, who not only grew up steeped in American Liberalism but is also just old enough to remember how different most liberals were back when I was Diversity's age. I see some of what I used to be (and ran the risk of becoming) in Zack's characters, as well as some of the people you just can't help but run into today, especially here in California.

You have to feel for Diversity, too. She just wants to be a kid, but her family is so consumed by politics, they actually named her, well, Diversity...

Here's a taste, and one of my favorites:

(Thanks to Zack Rawsthorne for permission to reprint!)