Sunday, January 11, 2009


According to GenderAnalyzer, this blog is now 45% manly!

Fresh off his column about Republicans who love too much, Joel Stein holds his powder on Gaza and instead gives us 1) a column about how he doesn't like unions, belongs to two, and thinks that all the many Hollywood unions should be merged into one super-union called "Joel Stein" and 2) a column about how allergies to nuts are essentially Yuppie mass hysteria. I suppose I should be grateful.

A Soldier's Mother is a fantastic blog by the mother of an Israeli soldier. Whether you agree or disagree with her politics and views, she has the kind of honesty and seriousness in each post that I fear will someday be the subject of a Joel Stein column.

Now go and enjoy the night, because the second most beautiful word in the English language is still astronomy...