Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kate Says

Following in Simon Baker's footsteps, Kate Beckinsdale has decided to try her hand as a political commentator as well:

"I don't care whether [Barack Obama] has a cigarette or not. I think it's just so fantastic we have a president who can finally read."
Actually, I think it was the script for Underworld: Evolution that destroyed President Bush's ability to read. I know it destroyed my ability to follow the plot of that film, or really do much of anything except stare at Kate's corset and black-rubber catsuit for roughly two hours.

Now, I understand the director and co-writer of Underworld: Evolution was Kate's husband, Len Wiseman, but couldn't she have spoken some truth to power back then as well, and told him that script was a stinker?

(Hat Tip: JammieWearingFool)