Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mickey Says

Mickey Rourke won the Golden Globe for Best Actor the other night. I haven't seen the performance that snagged Rourke his award, but this part of his acceptance speech snagged me:

I'd like to thank all my dogs, the ones that are here and the ones that aren't here anymore, because sometimes when a man's alone, that's all you got is your dog, and they meant the world to me.
I've been there, too, Mickey, especially during my screenwriting days. The old Hollywood joke that "if you want a friend, get a dog" is so bitterly funny only because it's generally so bitterly true. And I can think of one particularly hellish year alone that I might not have made it through without this dog:

That's Mira. She's no longer with us, but she still means the world to me.

And I have never liked Mickey Rourke more than I do right now.