Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still. The Worst. White House. Press Secretary. Ever.

Yes, Mr. Gibbs. Representative Schock should look through the stimulus bill so he can discover all the wonderful things contained within. The version that came out of the House-Senate conference committee and passed both chambers of Congress is only somewhere above 1,000 pages, after all. And Speaker Pelosi gave the House members, like Rep. Schock, all of 24 hours to review it before the vote. That should be more than enough time to fully consider the largest single spending bill in, oh, the entire history of mankind?

Then again, why worry? Senator Chuck Schumer has his finger on the pulse of the American people, and he's not worried. No, he's not worried at all.

Sorry, Senator Schumer, but I actually do care -- a lot -- about those "little, tiny, yes, porky amendments." So do a lot of others who make up "the American people."

Keep this up, and come the midterm elections in 2010, the Democrats will find out just how many of us there actually are.