Friday, March 20, 2009

10 Things I Would Blog About This Weekend If I Weren't In San Francisco...

1) Charles Krauthammer's excellent piece on the moral contradictions and intellectual laziness in President Obama's speech about embryonic stem cell research and "restoring scientific integrity to government decision-making."

2) If President Obama truly wants to restore scientific integrity to government decision making, why isn't he pushing Congress to revise the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which even the Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission calls "a net of unintended consequences" and not "science-based"? (For more on how this is affecting the ATV and motorcycle industry, see here. For more on how this is affecting public libraries and bookstores, see here. For the letter by Rep. Henry Waxman (D.-CA) dismissing reports of problems with this law as "misinformation" and explaining why he won't schedule a Congressional hearing on this issue, see here.)

3) How badly I want a one of these.

4) President Obama's whiplash-inducing shift from prophet of economic doom (unless we swiftly pass the trillion-dollar stimulus, the $410 billion dollar omnibus spending bill, and every other proposal he has) to economic cheerleader who now declares things are "not as bad as we think."

5) Venezuela offering its La Orchila island airfield as a base for Russian strategic bombers, if only so I could quote The Captain's reaction:

Wow. Bombers. I'm desperately afraid of the Russo-Venezuelan alliance...

Bombers are so "Doctor Strangelove" . And critics say the American military is preparing to fight the last war...
6) How my time management skills have gone to crap this week, probably because I'm spending too much time on deviantArt.

7) How Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan's amendment to the $410 billion omnibus spending bill violates NAFTA and has sparked a trade war with Mexico.

8) Victor Davis Hanson summing up three presidential administrations:
With Clinton we got high taxes (bad) but balanced budgets imposed by the spending caps in Congress (good). With Bush we got tax cuts (good) but deficits (bad). With Obama we get tax hikes (bad) and astronomical deficits (bad).
9) How after playing with my dog and a friend's youngest daughter, and teaching her to how to make an overeager Golden Retriever obey her commands, and watching her order around a dog that weighed more than she did, my paternal clock started going BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

10) How Democratic Senator Chris Dodd, after vilifying AIG for its bonuses and claiming he had nothing to do with the wording of the "Dodd Amendment" in the stimulus package that allowed AIG to pay out those bonuses using their government bailout money, now admits he was responsible for that wording, but says the Obama administration asked him to do it, and that this isn't actually changing his story, and that he had no idea AIG would actually use that loophole he put in the stimulus bill, or that the loophole about bonuses even had anything to do with AIG. (Finally! Someone who is even less convincing than Robert Gibbs!)