Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Morning Conversation with My Wife

Our little town has an election for city council today, and I've been putting off reading the candidate interviews in our local newspaper/coupon-fest. (None of the candidates, unfortunately, has taken a stand on our ever-growing peacock infestation.)

So this morning my wife asked if I planned to read the interviews at the last minute, and we had this exchange:

ME: Yeah, he sounds like a great guy. I'd love to go out to dinner with him, but he's not getting my vote.

HER: Do you still want to go out to dinner with Obama?

ME: Sure. Only now I'd make sure we had separate checks.

HER: Maybe he'd pay for your dinner, too.

ME: Ha! He'd make me pay for my dinner, pay for his dinner, and then pay for that table over in the corner that ordered more lobster than they could afford.

HER: There's a blog post in this...