Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Short Film Saga, Part II

After the first weekend of filming:

Somehow, we survived the first weekend of shooting...

It seems like every problem imaginable got thrown at us. The caterer backed out on Saturday about 30 minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive, swore she could handle Sunday, then backed out on Sunday morning all of *20* minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive. For a while, it looked like our lead actress had lost her rent-paying job over a scheduling mix-up with the Saturday shoot (she's fine, thank god). Planes seemed to alter their flight paths to roar overhead during our best takes -- and then a house two doors down threw a thrash-metal-punk party, complete with teenagers in '80s clothes trying to create a mosh pit in their backyard. Two of our crew had to be told not to come back because they refused to stop whispering gossip to each other during the actual takes. The director hit some weird mental concrete where if we went four weekends instead of three weekends, that would be a personal failure as a human being on this part, and so he kept pushing to shoot scenes we weren't ready for. And shooting on Sunday ended at 8 PM with the director of photography and the director telling each other to go eff themselves (long story), which had me going nonstop till the wee hours talking down first one and then the other.

Now comes the truly scary part. Even with all of that -- and on about six hours of sleep today since Friday morning -- we're on schedule, the actors think we're running a professional and good-vibe set (maybe actors really are stupid), everything is clicking and coming together beautifully, the footage is *gorgeous* and better than anything we'd ever dreamed of getting, and I've got the director of photography and the director on the verge of being friends again.

Best of all, I get to do it again next weekend... and the next weekend... and the *next* weekend...