Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Readers!

Traffic here has roughly tripled since Zack Rawsthorne gave In My Copious Free Time that much-appreciated shout out over at Diversity Lane. Thanks again, Zack!

At least for myself, one question that's always in my mind when I discover a blog that's been around for a while is this: How can I tell the good older posts from all the crappy older one? So, as a service to all my new readers, I've decided to post, in no particular order, the "Greatest Hits" of In My Copious Free Time:

1) 24 Shots At Love

Jack Bauer goes undercover on a VH1 celebreality dating show.

2) The Endless Adolescence of Joel Stein

In this case, the title really does say it all.

3) Larry King Live: The Lost Episode

Larry interviews Al-Qaeda Number Two and international terrorist mastermind, Ayman al-Zawahiri. When funnyman and political commentator Bill Maher joins the discussion, all wackiness ensues.

4) The Battle of Long Beach Harbor

Possibly the finest day off work I've had so far this year.

5) The Obligatory Prop 8 Post

How the Courage Campaign nearly lost my vote against Proposition 8.

6) Bonekickers

A brutal snarkfest in "honor" one of the worst television shows ever.

That's right. Ever.

7) This Blog Is Only 43% Manly

My feeble attempt to convince that In My Copious Free Time really is written by a man.

Really. It is.

8) Tale of the Chihuahua

The day I learned, once again, that no good deed goes unpunished.

9) Wallowers in Hyperbole

My very first post. Reading it again today, it now seems kind of quaint, and almost naive.

Talk about the sadness of lost opportunities...

10) What Will Be...

Yes, this blog is a fan of Sir Tom Jones. A big fan.

Deal with it.