Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Short Film Saga, Part III

Just before the start of our second weekend of filming:

So, this week I managed to get the director and the director of photography to be friends again. And following a few hours of peace after that, our lead actor drops the bombshell that he won't be available until 2 PM this Sunday -- and also the next Sunday -- for an unspecificed "personal commitment." This led to about 30 hours of us desperately trying to reschedule everyone else, trying to decide whether to drop him and recast and then reshoot everything we had done last weekend, and trying not to tear out whatever non-graying hair we still have left.

Turns out he actually has a valid reason, and we'd be real S.O.B.'s to argue with it. The rescheduling is a nightmare, but it looks like we can pull it off.

Now, if I can just get the director to stop falling back into that strange mindset he's developed that speed is more important than the quality of the shots we're getting. It's weird how these things work out. Right up until the first actual day of shooting, I was convinced it was going to be the director and myself reigning in the director of photography, and instead, it's been the director of photography and myself trying to reign in the director!

I'm finding many new gray hairs in my beard, but at least I'm enjoying getting these...