Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Comment that Means the Most

If you ever want to have your life and routine turned upside down, trying being the writer of an obscure, low-traffic blog that suddenly gets two Instapundit links for two separate, controversial subjects in the space of about 48 hours. Especially when you were already swamped with your "real" job and had been planning to work straight through that weekend to meet a deadline.

I wish I could have responded to each and every comment, both at all the other blogs that linked to my posts over the last few days but especially here. Some, like Zack R, I plan to respond to with an actual post (assuming I can ever get my current draft to actually say what I want it to say in the way that I want it to be said!). And the others? I have to hope they understand that off-line work and family won't let this blog ever be a full-time commitment for me. (Sometimes, it's even hard to manage a part-time commitment!)

Reading the comments here and elsewhere was a real experience. That so many people, especially those who disagreed with me about gay marriage, responded so civilly gave me a lot of hope. That so many other people on both sides of the issue, but especially those who agreed with me about gay marriage, responded with such bile and venom just made me shake my head. It's been a long time since I've been called a "right-wing shill" and been lumped together with a certain Richard Dawkins-esque liberal who rejects any need for civility toward those who disagree with her politically, thinks that the "old bag" who had the cardboard cross slapped out of her hands by "No on Prop 8" protesters in Palm Springs deserved it, and whose fondest wish is that everyone embrace the utopia-making wonders of "sweet, sweet godlessness." (I don't care what your politics or religion -- or lack of religion -- might be. You don't push around an old woman who could be your grandmother. You just don't.)

In fairness, my own comment at that blog was written in a rush, and I could probably have been more clear in my wording. I also don't think the commenter over there who did the "lumping" had actually read my two posts on the subject, which were actually the subject of the post to which entire comment thread belonged. Or, if he had, I don't think he realized that I was the same Wesley M. (And besides, as a former Democrat who still feels like the party left me rather than the other way around, it actually felt kind of nice to have someone calling me a "liberal" again about something!)

One comment in particular really stood out for me, though:

As a gay man in the San Jose area, I have actually lost friends in "tolerant" liberal San Francisco for not sufficiently hating the "H8ers". It's taken a few months to find Gay Patriot and now Wes, but now I know I'm not alone. Thx, guys!
That was from a guy calling himself TwinOtter2. And it made up for every angry, name-calling comment I've read over the last few days.

In fact, out of all the comments this blog has ever gotten, that one means the most.

Thanks, TwinOtter2. And everyone.