Friday, May 8, 2009

Has MSNBC Completely Lost Its Mind?

There are a lot of arguments against all-news cable networks and the 24-hour news cycle. But are any of those arguments as compelling an indictment as MSNBC devoting more than five solid minutes to President Obama and Vice President Biden going out to grab burgers for lunch?

With Iran continuing its race toward a nuclear weapon, the Taliban advancing toward Islamabad, unemployment continuing to rise, major banks failing their stress tests, Chrysler going into bankruptcy court even after billions in government aid, and Congress approving a budget that even Gandalf couldn't balance, I, for one, am glad that MSNBC understands my real concern is whether President Obama will be able to have a "satisfying, thick, juicy burger" for lunch.

This gives me new respect for Larry King on CNN. It really does.

God bless you, MSNBC. Don't stop speaking truth to power.