Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Repeats

This past June, quite simply, was my lightest blogging month ever. Something must be done.

The amount of time I have available to put into this blog varies greatly, and often unpredictably. This summer is more challenging than usual, though, with a heady mix of work, family, friends, a PC gaming addiction that's returned because of The Best Birthday Present Ever!, and a three-year-old Golden Retriever who still hasn't quite lost the energy of a 12-week-old puppy. As soon as I sit down to start drafting a post, something distracts me.

My motivation varies, too. I realized this soon after I realized that my "political depression" had returned. Another unread, economy-changing, more than 1,000-page bill has passed the House of Representatives. Someone asks President Obama a simple yes/no question, and he responds with the now-obligatory filibuster "Let me review the history of this debate..." The circus of Michael Jackson's death crowds out news of the Iranian and North Korean crises, and the President has harsher words for Israel than for the Ayatollahs shooting protesters in the streets. Robert Gibbs is still the worst press secretary ever, the U.S. government now owns a car company, and to top it all off, Al Franken -- Al Franken! -- really is going to be a senator.

Is it any wonder my PC gaming addiction has come back this month to fill what little free time I do have? The steampunk fantasy world of Arcanum, with half-ogres flying Da Vinci-esque fighter planes to shoot down dirigibles full of dwarves, has more internal logic and consistency than what I'm seeing in my own country lately.

So, the blogging has been light. And still, something must be done.

Then I hit on the answer.

Summer repeats.

That's right. Summer repeats. Like television, but with a blog.

The best posts from the early (well, earlier) days, mixed in with new material, like those six-episode summer series that CBS, NBC, and ABC would air to break up things up back when the only viewing choices you really had were CBS, NBC, and ABC. You know, like QED with Sam Waterston. Not that I can afford Sam Waterston to appear in this blog, of course. Which means Sir Tom Jones might have to do.

Summer repeats (and new material), coming to a web browser near you, starting tomorrow...