Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alan Grayson Makes Nancy Pelosi Cry

Do you think when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said this --

-- that she had Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) in mind?

I don't think so, either.

Then again, maybe Speaker Pelosi was thinking about his "apology" for going so far over the top in the speech embedded above --

Somehow, I don't think so, either.

Clearly, Alan Grayson wants those "Holocaust"-denying Republicans (or really just anyone with any sense of civility and decorum) to die before he'll apologize.

Stay classy, Alan. And keep reaching for that higher ground.

(H/T: GayPatriot)

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UPDATE: From the Associated Press:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says anyone using harsh rhetoric to raise fears about health care reform should apologize and get on with writing policy, but said there's no reason to single out a Florida Democrat who said Republicans want sick Americans to "die quickly."

"If anybody's going to apologize, everybody should apologize," she said when asked Thursday about Rep. Alan Grayson's comments on the House floor earlier this week.
Apparently, Speaker Pelosi has finally run out of tears.

Or she thinks it's more helpful not to focus of an actual person's actual words. After all, that would just muddy up the public's impression of what was actually said, and by whom, and about what.

Kind of like how actually reading a 1,000-plus-page bill just muddies up a legislator's impression of what that bill is actually going to do...