Monday, October 5, 2009

The Obligatory Roman Polanski Post

I don't have a Roman Polanski story from my own Hollywood days. In fact, I don't even remember anyone ever mentioning Roman Polanski, unless it was to mock his thoroughly out-of-it director's commentary ("I liked this shot, so I put it in my movie.") on the DVD for The Ninth Gate.

I won't rehash the details of what Polanski did back in 1977. If anyone still doesn't know at this point, go read Steve Lopez.

I won't rehash all the offensively bizarre defenses of Polanski from various Hollywood and cinema icons, either. Except to say I've never been more grateful to be out of that world, whose moral compass apparently includes no magnet to find north. Because making distinctions like north/south, or child-raping-bad/not-child-raping-good, really just plays into the hands of those censorious Christofascist theocrats and chills real artists from speaking truth to power.

I will give Jack Webb the last word. If only because I was also lucky enough to meet some people in Hollywood who I'm sure feel the same way I do.

And Jack Webb can say it, even if they can't...