Sunday, December 20, 2009

President Obama's Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Eight

"Ho! Ho! Ho! For the eighth time! What would you like for Christmas, young man?"

"Well, Santa, it's better to give than to receive. So I'd like for you to give Senator Ben Nelson a special gift for being the 60th vote needed to pass Harry Reid's awesome and historic Senate health reform bill."

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Didn't you already give him the gift of all the taxpayers in the nation picking up Nebraska's tab for that Medicaid expansion, even though all the other states still get stuck paying their own share?"

"Oh, Santa! That was just part of the political pay-off to buy Senator Nelson's vote. I'm talking about a gift now. And if you give this gift to Senator Nelson, then we don't have to count it as part of the cost of the Senate bill, and we can keep on saying that health reform won't add a single penny to the deficit. Kind of like that whole 'Doctor Fix' thing."

"That's it, Barack. You're back on my Naughty List..."