Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where Has All The Blogging Gone?

So far, 2010 has been a hard year for blogging -- and for getting much of anything else done, too.

My wife and I both got sick after returning home from Christmas in Canada. Usually, she picks up something from her students, and I pick up a milder case from her. She fights it for days and days, and I throw it off in a day or so. But this time, the intensity was reversed. She threw it off after a few days, while I not only felt like walking death for more than a week, I'm only now getting over the lingering cough that no amount of lozenges and syrup could suppress.

This was hardest on the dog, of course. Until now, one of us always felt well enough to pick up the slack as far as walks and play sessions. Now she's experienced both of us being under the weather at the same time, and she is not a fan. In fact, she spent most of the first week in 2010 looking like this:

So, take being sick, throw in dealing with someone, somehow, getting hold of my debit card number and going on a spending spree, and then throw in jury duty as well, and you can understand why blogging has been getting bumped to the bottom of my priority list lately.

Besides, I'm a sucker for that furry face. And she's needed the ball to be thrown far more than I've needed to vent and snark about, well, whatever...