Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Amazing Adventures of O-Man and Sarko!

Tonight's Episode: "The Devil's Priorities"...

"Look, O-Man! Up in the sky! It's the Threat to Peace Signal!"

"Egads, Sarko! Bibi the Occupier must have filed building permits for another set of apartments in a Jewish neighborhood of East Jerusalem!"

"No, O-Man! It means the Twelfth Imam has skulked another step closer to his apocalyptic goal of nuclear annihilation!"

"Oh, Sarko! I already told you how I convinced the Twelfth Imam he had to reconsider his previous arch-refusal or face the Super Sanctions of our mighty League of Justifiers!"

"But, O-Man --"

"No, Sarko! The Twelfth Imam won't be troubling us any longer! Especially not after the way I forever contained the Wocket Man in the Half-Peninsula of Solitude!"

"But, O-Man! Seriously! I really think the Middle East is sending up this signal because of the Twelfth Imam!"

"Ha! Ha! And that's why you're the sidekick, Sarko, and I'm the Superhero!"

"I thought we were equal partners, O-Man!"

"And O-Man is First Among Equals! Now, to the Council Cave of Consensual Security!"

"Agreed, O-Man... For now..."

To Be Continued...

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)