Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Cast of 24: Season 9

[This post has been backdated to appear below the 24 post in question.]

For those who have asked, here's the cast list for 24: Season 9:

Alan Thicke as President Mitt McPalin

Scott Bakula (who I think actually could pull off this role) as Jack Bauer

William Shatner as That Blackwater Guy

Lindsay Lohan as Renee Walker

Travis Harmon and Jonathan Shockley (two of the funniest guys on YouTube) as Jackie Broyles and Dunlap (as themselves)

Levi Johnston as Professor Savior

Mario Lopez as Cole Ortiz

Kate Gosselin as The Obligatory Hot Blonde White Chick Who Always Turns Out To Be A Radical Islamist Terrorist

Slade Smiley as Tony Almeida

Snooki (Jersey Shore) as Chloe O'Brien