Thursday, March 25, 2010

Robert Gibbs Receives a "Threatening" Phone Call

"So what kind of threatening Teabagger phone call is it this time, Robert?"

"He says --"

"Is it a right-wing-extremist militia-type threatening to kill you and your children in the most brutal and hateful of ways?"

"He wants --"

"Is it a bitter racist redneck hurling vile and demeaning racial and ethnic stereotypes and epithets?"

"He claims --"

"Is it a domestic biological terrorist trying to hock a germ-filled loogie of mass political destruction at you through the phone?"

"He's asking why we didn't have this same kind of outrage when those pro-ObamaCare SEIU union thugs beat up Ken Gladney and called him the 'n'-word outside that town hall meeting last summer."

"I'm sorry. Ken who?"