Saturday, March 27, 2010

Robert Gibbs Receives Yet Another "Threatening" Phone Call

"So what kind of faux-outraged Teabagging incitement to political violence is this phone call, Robert?"

"He says --"

"Is it some toadying lackey of Big Insurance, peddling myths that health reform doesn't actually protect children with pre-existing conditions from being denied insurance this year, like I kept saying all along that it did?"

"Mr. President --"

"Is it another spineless lickspittle of the corporate special interests, spreading lies about health reform already costing AK Steel $31 million, 3M $90 million, Caterpillar $100 million, John Deere & Co. $150 million, and AT&T a whopping $1 billion in writedowns?"

"Uh, Mr. President --"

"Is it some astroturfed sniveller from Big Pharma, proclaiming that we messed up the tax treatment of the Medicare Part D retiree prescription-drug subsidy, so hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of senior citizens will most likely have to move from their former employer's coverage to the more expensive government plan, and we somehow never had the CBO score the budgetary and deficit implications of this, because our already-gimmicked numbers might not have looked so good?"

"Mr. President... ah... all of those are actually true."

"What have I told you about sticking with the narrative, Robert?"