Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Say Hello To My New "Office"

You may have noticed the distinct lack of regular blogging on my part this year. I can cite many, many reasons for this:

* Being deathly ill for the first half of January.

* Three weeks of serving on a jury pool, and then on a jury.

* Having my identity stolen, and the continuing saga of dealing with that mess, including the hassle of setting up extended fraud alerts with all three credit reporting agencies that keep wanting me to resubmit all the documentation.

* The leaks in my office roof that begin in mid-December, spread to the master bedroom last month, and finally appear to have been fixed last week, after the roofers made their sixth set of so-called "repairs."

And last but not least:

* The Smell

How did The Smell come about? Because at one point, water not only came through my office ceiling but also flowed down inside the wall and got into the padding underneath the carpet. This resulted in the carpet being torn up and a large fan blasting away to dry everything out.

That was several weeks ago. Or should I say, several weeks of promises by the landlord and the roofing company of steam cleaning the carpet after it had finally dried out. And those weeks allowed The Smell to come into our lives.

The Smell was (and, unfortunately, still is) a musty, moldy, mildewy thing. And it steadily increased as time went on, and the promises kept being made, until it finally reached the point that spending any length of time in that room led to burning, watery eyes, not to mention headaches and a primal need to get the hell out of that room. All of which has produced to my current, new "office":

Sleek and modern, isn't it? The desk is now a small table that used to hold candles, flowers, and various other sightly decorations. The shelves that hold my various reference books are now clear spaces on the floor. And the chair, well, this "office" has no chair. (The dog appreciates me spending more time on the floor, at least.)

Hopefully, this "office" will be temporary. Because the past weekend included a rather large explosion by me upon our landlord. So the padding has finally been removed, which at least lessened The Smell, and the steam cleaning has again been promised for this week.

And if that promise fails to be kept as well, I promise an even larger explosion. Because this "office" barely even deserves the name in scare quotes.