Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sign (after Sign) of the Times

While walking the dog earlier today, I suddenly realized that I was staring at sign after sign of the times. In fact, I counted no less than five storefronts and windows announcing "For Rent" or "For Lease" on a single block of my small town.

Usually, I might notice one, or even two, on any given day. These signs and empty storefronts have become just another part of the landscape, something you barely even register because they never really change. I honestly don't know why they struck me so hard today.

I thought of snapping a picture for each and every one, and then posting them all here. Then I thought better of it. Besides, at least two of these storefronts have been empty since last November.

That particular window doesn't look quite so festive now. Or as hopeful.

Let's see how it looks this November.