Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nancy and Timmy Rewalk the Walk of Shame

"Speaker Pelosi, explain to me again why we're recreating our iconic walk up the Capitol steps from the day we passed health reform?"

"Well, Timmy, even though all those nasty, racist Tea Partiers were repeatedly shouting the 'n'-word in front of all those cell phone cameras, personal handheld video cameras, and very expensive, high-tech mainstream media cameras, not a single camera managed to record a single 'n'-word. Even that whole spitting thing isn't holding up well."

"That's incredible! You mean what we claim happened on that day didn't actually --"

"You freshmen representatives are so cute when you're naive! But no, Timmy. What it means is that we're going to recreate this walk again, and again, and again, until we finally get a Tea Partier actually shouting the 'n'-word at us on camera."

"I don't understand, Speaker Pelosi. If the protesters didn't really do it the first time, why would they say it to us now?"

"You think these are actual Tea Partiers, Timmy? You freshmen representatives are so cute when you're naive!"