Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because Today Is "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"

UPDATE: The Quote of the Day for "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day," from ColoradoPatriot:

The point behind Everybody Draw Muhammed Day is not about sensitivities. It’s not about recklessly and needlessly and unemotionally insulting someone. It’s about saying to Muslims: This is 2010. You’re entitled to be offended and even get angry if someone insults your religion. You’re entitled to call them terrible names and damn them to hell. You’re entitled to curse them and (if you feel it’s productive) take [an] eye for a metaphorical eye by similarly insulting their religion. But you’re NOT entitled to kill people because of that anger. . . .

For me, drawing a picture of Muhammed today is not about poking a stick in the Muslim Community’s eye. . . . It’s about throwing oneself on a hand-grenade along with thousands (hopefully) of others so that the jihadists and radical Islamists see that they can’t kill us all.