Saturday, May 8, 2010

If Roman Philosophers Had Been Bloggers...

As explicated via the most honored and oracular Weasellus of Zip:

Earlier leaks of the book have included some embarrassing portrayals of White House adviser Rahm Emanuel. New York magazine had some choice bits about Rahm’s anger at Bo, the Obama’s family dog (“I’m going to kill that f***ing dog,” and his yelling to a male staffer: “Take your f***ing tampon out and tell me what you have to say.”
Lay down for yourself from the first a definite stamp and style of conduct, O Rahm, which you will maintain when you are alone and also in the society of men, be that occasion in the naked congressional of the shower or in the Caesar's office. Be silent, for the most part, or, if you speak, say only what is necessary, and in few words. Talk, but rarely, and do not speak of ordinary things—of gladiators drinking tea, or horse-traders in the well; of products related to the hygiene of the feminine, or stately banquets of canine meats—but rather, if you can, turn the conversation of your company by your talk to some fitting and more decorous subject.

On every occasion, O Rahm, have these thoughts at hand.

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