Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for a Recharge

Simply put, paying work and family responsibilities have been hammering me for the last two weeks. Throw in a serious push on some "serious" writing I'd like to finally finish that world-ending Mayan stuff in 2012, and this blog really should be retitled In My Energyless and Nonexistent Free Time.

Sure, I'd love to get all harsh about the 24 finale, which may be the worst season ending possible for the worst season ever. (How about that magic pen of moral evaluation?) And go on about how much I loved the Lost finale. (Thanks for remembering including Vincent, Lost writers!) Or spoof President Calderone's standing ovation before Congress and Rand Paul's trying to get his foot out of his mouth. Or really even just take one final parting shot at Arlen Specter.

Thing is, between the exhaustion of work, family, and other writing, I'm also having trouble seeing the humor in politics right now. And that means it's time to step back for a bit, finish what has to be finished, and then come back when I'm recharged.

These blog lulls never tend to last as long as I think they will, so I know I'll be back at full charge soon. Until then, though, it'll be light posting for a while.