Monday, July 12, 2010

11 Things I've Been Doing Lately Instead of Blogging

1) Work.

2) Helping bring the Garage War to a just yet victorious end. And like the end of most wars, this one involved a border being drawn.

3) More work.

4) Revisiting the future world of 1980 as envisioned in Gerry Anderson's UFO, which I haven't seen since I was something like six years old. Even 40 or so years later, though, I still have no idea why all the women serving on Moonbase wore a purple wig as part of their uniform.

5) Still more work.

6) Getting charged $3,295.74 for a four-pack of Trader Joe's Vintage Root Beer.

7) Even more work.

8) Finally taking the time to play The Bard's Tale.

9) Yet more work.

10) Spending more time with the family.

11) You guessed it! More work!