Friday, July 30, 2010

"Game On!"

One of the great things about Comic Con is getting to see all the previews, trailers, and sometimes even entire television episodes before anyone else. Sometimes, unfortunately, that leads to a real let-down, like when the Season 2 trailer for Stargate Universe turned out to be a bit, well, overdone and underwhelming. I just couldn't get past the cliched "Mr. Movie Trailer" narration, and after being such a fan of the first season, I already knew how well the actors could handle turning toward the camera and looking concerned. Besides, the trailer for the back half of Season 1 had set a new standard for flat-out awesomeness, right down to the music playing beneath it all, and probably nothing the Universe people could have put together to showcase Season 2 would have topped that.

And sometimes, you just sit there stunned, because you're seeing something you had no idea was even coming and it just blows you away.

Like this Bollywood-style, online-gamer music video from The Guild...

[Attempt to insert annoying MSN video player that either won't embed at all, won't embed properly, or demands to show something else entirely. Grrrrrrrrrrr!]

Now, if you're thinking there should have been an actual video embedded up there, you're right. But after repeated attempts over the last 24 hours to make that happen, I've given up. So go see it here. It's well worth the click, I promise.

UPDATE: The previous gamer music video from The Guild, fortunately, does embed properly. Enjoy!