Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Molly Norris Gets No Peace

I wish I could say this comes as a surprise:

A CHARISMATIC terror leader linked to the botched Times Square car bomb has placed the Seattle cartoonist who launched "Everybody Draw Muhammed Day" on an execution hit list.

Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki - the radical who has also been cited as inspiring the Fort Hood, Tex., massacre and the plot by two New Jersey men to kill U.S. soldiers - singled out artist Molly Norris as a "prime target," saying her "proper abode is hellfire."

FBI officials have notified Norris and warned her they consider it a "very serious threat."

In an English-language Al Qaeda magazine that calls itself "Inspire," Awlaki damns Norris and eight others for "blasphemous caricatures" of the Prophet Muhammed. The other cartoonists, authors and journalists in Awlaki's cross hairs are Swedish, Dutch and British citizens.
Those of us who participated in Everybody Draw Mohammed Day are in the cross-hairs, too:
"The large number of participants makes it easier for us because there are more targets to choose from in addition to the difficulty of the government offering all of them special protection," wrote al-Awlaki, who is an American citizen. "But even then our campaign should not be limited to only those who are active participants."

He warned that "assassinations, bombings and acts of arson" are all legitimate forms of revenge against the creators of blasphemous depictions of Muhammad.
I've had my disagreements with how Molly Norris handled what her own cartoon set in motion, but there should be no confusion who the real villain is in this. And the villain is not Molly Norris. I hope all of us who took issue with her disowning and condemning Everybody Draw Mohammed Day remember that. Because this is the time to support -- unconditionally and in whatever way we can -- Molly Norris, just as we did Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and the Danish cartoonists, and Salman Rushdie.

I just hope all the American Muslims who embraced Molly Norris (and who Molly Norris embraced) in her efforts against her own creation are willing to do the same, now that she needs them even more than she needs those of us who carried on without her...