Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Stimulating Truth, With Nancy Pelosi

"Gather round, children! Now that we've given the states our $26.1 billion gift, let's decide who will get our next gift! Should we forgive student loans after 20 or even 10 years, no matter how much that person borrowed or still owes? Or maybe—"

"Grandma Pelosi? My mommy says that people should pay back what they borrow, and that other people shouldn't be on the hook when somebody else borrows more than they could afford."

"Oh, really? What else does this mommy of yours say, Bobby?"

"She says these gifts of yours are really just political payoffs to favored voting constituencies, and that you rushed this last one through so fast you didn't even give it a name."

"Goodness gracious, Bobby!"

"She says that to get the money from this last gift, the states have to use the higher total funding amount as their own baseline spending for the next year, and if they can't afford that now, how can they ever afford the higher budget you're making them have next year?"

"Children, we've found our next gift! Three cheers for Bobby!"