Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't Criticize the Chevy Volt, You Un-American Americans!

Remember when elected Democratic officials used to get the vapors about someone even hinting that someone else was being "un-American"?

Like Governor Jennifer Granholm says, how can any true American take issue with General Motors using taxpayer money to pay back taxpayer money? Or criticize a $15,000 car that will retail for $41,000, come with a deficit-plumping $7,500 tax credit, and go a whole 40 miles on its battery before a nasty internal combustion engine that requires premium gasoline starts spewing hydrocarbons back into the atmosphere in order to recharge that green battery?

These people must be silenced, and silenced now. Otherwise, their next target will be that wonderful interpretive-dancey, granola-folky, nonthreateningly "b boy"-inclusive Chevy Volt Dance, which is sure to drive eager masses of Volt-hungry consumers into automotive showrooms across this great land:

Like Jennifer says, this is America! So don't say anything bad about the Chevy Volt, you Ford-driving ninnies...

(H/T: Chevy Volt Dance video via Iowahawk: "Dance, hipster marionettes! Dance to the jaunty, infantile Sesame Street folk guitar beat, thinly warbling the Gaia-saving virtues of your eco-appliance, designed by law school engineering experts in Washington DC. Maintain your vacant smile and perhaps you will be issued extra rations of driving privileges.")

UPDATE: From the Department of Bad Timing: "GM Recalls 250K Vehicles; Seat Belts May Not Latch."

UPDATE II: A truly American defense of the Chevy Volt's 40-mile battery range, from Missourah: