Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exclusive Video: Furries Stand on Hind Limbs Against Sarah Palin

In less than a week, my proud former political party and former liberal compatriots have given us the "F*ck Tea" campaign; President Obama effectively shutting down the Westside of L.A. for hours, at rush hour, so he can "just hang out" for a "spectacular evening" with the Hollywood royalty and their checkbooks; Nancy Pelosi calling for an investigation into where the Ground Zero mosque opponents (but not the Ground Zero mosque builders) are getting their funding (you mean I was supposed to be getting paid for those last few posts?!); and now... now... I kid you not... ladies dressed like Ewoks, who expect me to believe that Sarah Palin wants to end health care for all the little cubs in America. Because who would ever feel the need to actually fact check a woman in a bear suit?

Honestly, if I were still a Democrat, I would leave the party out of sheer embarrassment at this point.