Friday, August 20, 2010

The Money Train Leaves the Station

"Gather round, children. It's time for still another gift from me, Grandma Pelosi, to each and every one of you, the children of America. Now then—"

"Grandma Pelosi?"

"Oh, no. Not you again, Alicia."

"Grandma Pelosi, my Daddy says now that the Chinese are cutting their long-term holdings of U.S. Treasury notes and bonds, the money train has left the station."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. He says that with the Chinese cutting back, all these gifts of yours are actually going to—"

"Alicia? Do you know what you are?"


"No, Alicia. You, child, are what we call a shill."

"A shill?"

"That's right. An astroturfed, controversy-ginning shill who is part a concerted effort to make government spending and deficits into a political issue that distracts the American people from what really matters. I think Grandma Pelosi needs to investigate where you get your funding."

"My Daddy gives me an allowance."

"And where does your Daddy get his funding from?"

"From his unemployment check."

"*sigh* You'd really think Grandma Pelosi should have been able to see that one coming by now, wouldn't you?"

"Haha! You're funny!"

"Shut up, Alicia. Grandma Pelosi needs to have a moment of silence for her friend, the Narrative..."