Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pop Quiz: Best Deal for the Dollar Edition

Consider the two purchases described below. Each transaction involved a single dollar being exchanged for ownership of something. Who do you think got the bigger bargain?

A) Sidney Harman, who for $1 received Newsweek magazine and its "considerable financial liabilities":

B) My wife and I, who for $1 received an aging, rattle-trap Mazda 323 that ran for seven more years before ending in a fiery blaze by the side of the 210 freeway:

(Hint: The fuel gauge of our Mazda had a serious problem with accurate and objective reporting, just like Newsweek!)

(Bonus Hint Update: Via Ed Driscoll, next week's cover (click to enlarge), as posted by Politico:

Like the footnote says, Obama is none of these things. Including President, apparently.

I'd say this puts Sidney Harman in the lead, because my wife and I didn't get a CNN editor for our dollar...)

(Bonus Full Disclosure: Anyone who has spent any length of time working as an editor has at least one enormous, embarrassing mistake in their past. I'm talking the kind of mistake that also somehow managed to slip past every other pair of eyes that looked at it before publication. I know I do. So part of me really does feel for the Newsweek people. At least this time.)