Monday, August 23, 2010

Robert Gibbs Receives a Troubling Phone Call

"Who is it this time, Robert? Another angry Los Angeles commuter who thinks I'm out of touch with the common man just because I brought the Westside to a standstill at rush hour so I could attend that very important Hollywood fundraiser? Let me talk to him."

"Mr. President --"

"Is it another penny-pinching Louisianan or Mississippian upset at Michelle's fabulous 'girls vacation' in Spain right before our wonderful family vacation in Martha's Vineyard, just because we told everyone else to take their tourist dollars to the Gulf Coast and help out their fellow Americans? Let me talk to him."

"Mr. President --"

"Is it the arugula haters? It's the arugula haters again, isn't it? I always knew the arugula haters would be back. Give me the phone, Robert."

"Mr. President, it's our pollster."

"Tell him I'm not here..."