Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Rule 5 Misfire

Every blogger quickly learns that posts with images draw more traffic than posts with nothing but text. It doesn't matter how much time and thought and effort you put into crafting that finely honed political manifesto that will surely change the world. It's just the nature of the Internet beast that some post with a picture will still get far more attention. Especially if that picture happens to be of a rather attractive woman. Like this:

Or this:

Or especially this:

Pictures of good-looking women drawing traffic is such a consistent feature of life here on the Interwebs that it's actually been enshrined as "Rule 5" of blogging. Those three pictures reposted above have brought literally thousands of eyeballs to this site. (Who would have guessed so many people had the desire to see Jessica Simpson in uniform?)

With that in mind, you can imagine my surprise when I came back from Comic Con, checked in on my Sitemeter stats, and realized that even after a long period of extremely light blogging, my traffic was up. And I mean way up. Up higher than it had ever been before without an Instapundit link. And 95% of that additional traffic was coming from people using the same Google Image search phrase, making that particular image the most popular one ever to appear on this site. So who, exactly, was driving all this traffic my way?

This guy:

Yes, that's Pauly D, one of Rhode Island's favorite DJs and star of MTV's Jersey Shore. Not only is Pauly D "a ladies man to the fullest extreme" and "a true asset to any venue," what he can do with "his hands and 2 turntables is utterly incredible." In fact, "any spot he spins at will be packed with beautiful women, dying for a glimpse of him and what he does," just like any blog where even a single photo of him appears will experience a massive, unexpected spike in traffic, earning Pauly D his latest title of accomplishment: Hero of Rule 5 Gender Equity!

So thank you, Pauly D. You've brought untold numbers of new readers (well, viewers) to this blog over the last few weeks.

One can only imagine their reaction when they saw the actual post...