Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Ultimate Tea Party Recruitment Video, Only By Bravo!

Truthfully, the Real Housewives franchise is a guilty pleasure in my home. My wife and I have a great time snarking on and about these women and their totally unscripted misadventures, whether it's the Orange Country or the New York City or the New Jersey version. It's often the perfect escapism you need after a long and brutal day here in reality. But this D.C. version of our champagne governing class and its postindustrial courtesan clingers is just one Real Housewives too far. Especially given not just the current economy, but the political wave that continues building against the political "establishment" and our other assorted betters.

I realize Bravo is a niche broadcaster. Kathy Griffin alone proves that, not to mention the new Top Chef: Garnish Masters, which I believe will premiere next spring. But I don't think Bravo realizes just how far the underlying sentiment of the Tea Party, about an aloof and disconnected political class, centered in Washington, extends beyond the "official" Tea Party. And that even liberals who support Obama and his party's agenda will probably feel more than a bit uncomfortable watching this modern version of Lifestyles of the Overconsuming Rich and Politically Connected, at least not without a handsome Kennedy in there somewhere. So if Real Housewives of Atlanta is the Star Trek: Voyager of the franchise, just kind of there in the background but still running for 7 years simply on momentum, I think Real Housewives of D.C. will turn out to be their Enterprise, the first incarnation not to run for as long as all the others.

And like Enterprise, it probably won't be missed as much as all the other incarnations, either.