Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White House Phone Logs: President Obama Again Calls Michael Bloomberg

"Hello? Is this New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg?... Oh, I'm sorry... Yes, I can hold... Hello, Michael? This is President Barack Obama... No, I still haven't made any decision about moving the civilian trial of the 9/11 masterminds out of Manhattan... I'm well aware of how much you don't want that trial in your city, Michael, but that's not why I'm calling... Michael?... Michael!... Listen to me, Michael. I'm calling about the Park51 interfaith spiritual community and tolerance outreach center... I said the Park51 interfaith spiritual... Yes, the Ground Zero mosque everyone is so worked up about. You saw my remarks during the White House Ramadan iftar dinner?... Thank you, Michael. That means a lot to me... Yes, I thought it was good stuff, too, but it's always nice to get positive feedback from an average American like yourself... Well, to be honest, Michael, I have caught some flack over this, especially with all those clarifications... I know! It's like they didn't understand what I meant just because I didn't actually say then what I later told everyone that I meant!... See, I knew you would understand, Michael... Bold and visionary leadership is its own reward, yes... So, Michael, I was thinking, now that everyone is angry with me on this instead of with you, we're square for when you had my back on that whole 'Times Square Bomber is an angry right-winger upset about health care reform' thing, right?... No, I already told you, I still haven't made any decision about moving the civilian trial of -- Hello?... Mayor Bloomberg?... Hello?..."