Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's All In The Graphic

The old logo of the Democratic National Committee:

The new logo of the Democratic National Committee, unveiled yesterday "in hopes of taking on a sleeker, less bureaucratic perception among voters":

I can't really say that an American flag background and a kicking ass have ever inspired visions of bureaucrats in my head. Any ass that can still kick has more energy than just about every bureaucrat I've ever dealt with. And the new logo may, in fact, be "sleeker," but it's also about as inspiring as an "Inspected by Number 27" sticker.

Then again, I can think of one group of people who actually will find this logo inspiring. Unfortunately, these are the same people who also believe that removing the American flag from your national political party's logo will be a real vote-getter come November.

(H/T: Mary Katherine Ham)