Monday, September 20, 2010

Rachel Maddow Gets Her Hands, Um, "Dirty"

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC gets her hands, um, "dirty" as she delves into what truly matters in the Delaware Senate race between Republican Christine O'Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons:

Did you see that outfit?! And that hair?! Oh! My! Gawd!

Christine O'Donnell looks about nineteen in this video. Maybe next time, Rachel Maddow can go all the way and unearth a home movie of Toddler Christine reveling in the hate crime of calling someone a "poopy-head."

Seriously, Rachel, I don't care whether Christine O'Donnell thought masturbation was a sin back in her younger days. I don't even care if Christine O'Donnell, personally, thinks that masturbation is a sin today. I care about her views on taxes, spending, and economic and foreign policy. Maybe I'll end up agreeing with them, and maybe I won't.

Rachel Maddow, however, is apparently afraid that a future Senator O'Donnell is going to cast a spell on the entire U.S. government and legal system, so that her supersecret bill to outlaw self-pleasuring will pass, be signed by President Obama, and then find itself declared constitutional in this Lawrence v. Texas judiciary of ours. Because in her high school days (even before the video embedded above), Christine O'Donnell did, in fact, dabble into witchcraft by going to a movie and then having a picnic with this really hot guy who liked to pretend he was this wicked awesome rebel Satanist, because that helped him get all the chicks who hadn't grown up enough yet to see through to his inner loser. Scary!

Honestly, Rachel, I don't know many people who have the same views in their forties as they did back in their teens or early twenties. I know I don't. And even among those who do have similar views in their forties, I don't know many people who don't look back and somewhat cringe at how absolute those views were in their teens and early twenties. But maybe Rachel Maddow is one of those rare people who got it all right back in her own youth, and she just hasn't needed to grow, or even mellow, in her own views since then.

Or maybe Rachel Maddow actually knows all of this, has a show on MSNBC, and just doesn't care.

(H/T: I Hate The Media)