Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting My Gamer On

For years, my wife has had the laptop in the family, and I've nursed along my aging, ever-more-crashworthy desktop. Most nights, I've fallen asleep to the soft clicking of her keyboard, which sounds like rain the roof, while she chats, blogs, writes, games, or even works. "Won't it be great," she would say, "when you finally have a laptop again, and we can both curl up in bed with our computers?"

Yes, we really are that geeky.

And since getting a truly awesome for the price new machine a few weeks ago, it has been great, though not quite what my wife expected. Sure, now she can glance over and see whatever great blog post or laugh-inducing video I happen to find, or secretly check out an almost-final page of that science-fiction novel I swear will be finished someday soon. But more often than not, what she actually sees when she glances over is something like this:

Okay, actually, it's more like this. But I've waited years to have the hardware to satisfy my PC gaming jones again, and man, oh man, was it ever worth the wait...

(Video H/T: Left Coast Rebel)