Saturday, January 8, 2011

Klaus Nomi Week: "The Cold Song"

Throughout 1983, Nomi's health declined. "He'd sit in his apartment watching videos and photos of himself, saying 'Look at this, this is what I did -- now it's all gone,'" says Arias. "He went on a macrobiotic diet. He went on Interferon, which puffed him up like a rat, but nothing helped."

In the summer [Nomi] went back to [the] hospital and faced the fact that the doctors were powerless to help him.

"I had a dream that he'd recover his strength and go back on stage, but that he'd have to veil himself like the Phantom of the Opera. [Nomi] laughed, he liked that idea, and he actually seemed to be getting better for a while. That was on a Friday night. I was going to go and see him again on Saturday morning, but they called me and told me that Klaus had passed away in the night."

Nomi was one of the first public figures to die from AIDS...

-- Rupert Smith, "Klaus Nomi"