Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Klaus Nomi Week: "The Nomi Song"

Nomi's performance at Xenon on February 25, 1980 was fabulous. The oblivious dancing crowd was unaware there would be a show at all, and when their precious disco music suddenly stopped and a curtain rose on-stage, they hissed and booed. Klaus immediately entranced them with his genuine vocal abilities and self-created character -- and at the end of the forty-minute performance, disappeared into the vaporous stratosphere from which he came. Everyone screamed for an encore! First there was the dead silence of disbelief, then a cry of, "What was that?!" then a loud burst of applause.

Had he lived, the 80's surely would have been more noteworthy. The musical climate was perfect for what he had to offer.

-- Madeline Bocaro, "Klaus Nomi: Riding the New Wave"