Friday, October 12, 2012

Best Biden Sound Bites of the Vice-Presidential Debate

1)         “On the contrary, Martha, ‘angry drinking buddy’ is part of the job description for Vice President of the United States.”

2)         “Come on! Tell me you don’t find the Iranian nuclear program hilarious!”

3)         “Paul, I am your father.”

4)         “I can’t talk about classified material, but here’s what I know...”

5)         “Now you’re Jack Kennedy?... Huh. You do kind of look like Jack Kennedy...”

6)         “See this pen, Martha? Do you see this pen? My dear friend Tip O’Neill gave this very pen to my dear friend Ronald Reagan, who gave it to me just so that I could lean across this table tonight and wave it in your face. That’s bipartisanship!”

7)         “Look at him. He’s just waiting for me to bring up Big Bird.”

8)         “The intelligence community that completely misinformed us about what really happened to our own consulate in Benghazi will let us know to the precise second when Iran develops a nuclear bomb.”

9)         “Can you give me a moment, Martha? I think I pulled something rolling my eyes.”

10)       “I’m King of the World!”


11)       “Paul! Buddy! I was plagiarizing that same line before you were even born!”

12)       “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, Martha.”

13)       “Have I been an effective Vice President? I unwittingly forced the President of the United States to publicly change his position on gay marriage. Imagine what positions I can make him change in a second term!”

14)       “Squirrel!”