Sunday, October 7, 2012

That's y I'm Votin' Snoop Dogg Lion!

1. Ain’t no Wall Street crackaz go’n give him no lip. M*thaf*cka did time, dog!

2. M*thaf*cka know all the pimps in the crib, so no child lef’ behind.

3. M*thaf*cka down with the bitches and hoes, so he unnerstandz the war on women.

4. Presidential portrait featurin’ a 40 and a blunt.

5. M*thaf*cka dropped “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” so he feelin’ the danger of global warming.

6. M*thaf*cka ain’t got no John Edwards hair, son!

7. Beyonce do all that Condi did but with more swag.

8. Ain’t no UN m*thaf*ckas go’n veto our asses when he in charge. M*thaf*cka did time, dog!

9. M*thaf*cka once had his own porn company, so he got the lowdown on what small business need.

10. M*thaf*cka's name is Snoop, so ain't no intel go'n be missed!

(See the original NSFW list of 10 reasons to vote for Obama and 10 reasons to vote against Romney -- made famous by Snoop Dogg Lion -- here.)